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Re: MS, RLS, Convulsive Spasms

MSJHawk... Thank you, as always, for your incredibly knowledgeable reply. Now you've posed an interesting dilemma although I trust us laypeople more then the mendacious medicine men. When I was diagnosed with the RLS 10+ years ago, that neuro (who was a nincompoop and I no longer see) told me RLS was related to Parkinson's, but I should be happy about it. She said if you have RLS you absolutely can't get Parkinson's. That always sounded suspicious.

As for the other conditions you mentioned... I'm not iron deficient. As a 56-year-old male, pregnancy seems unlikely, too. I do have insulin resistance (family riddled with diabetes) and take Metformin daily... my kidney function as of six months ago was at the low/lowest-normal range. I see a neprologist yearly as my father passed from polycystic kidney disease which has a strong inheritance factor involved. As for the meds, I do take Effexor, but not aripiprazole (Abilify) or risperidone (Risperdal).

I've just started seeing a new internist who ran a slew of tests this week; we discuss results next week. I'm beginning to wonder if my current neuro isn't correct and that we're barking up the wrong tree with the MS. On another thread you mentioned CIDP which matches my symptoms very well. But most important, the idea of looking into kidney function and/or Parkinson's gives me some great ammo to speak about with the new internist before he sends me to yet another neuro.

You, sir, are a national treasure. Thanks again.