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Re: Lyme Treatments - What has helped you?

So sorry your feeling so bad. I too have a very similiar story. My journey was long and took it's toll as well. It sounds like you may have something that is keeping you and your immune system from improving. I saw a very awesome Nurse Practicner that was very knowledgeable in lyme. She saved my life! I too was on antibiotics for quite sometime and I wasn't improving just got to a certain point and couldn't improve. She said some of her patients weren't getting better cause something was interfering. For instance, do you have any mercury fillings in your teeth? I saw a natural homepathic dentist and he said all metals must be removed. I had a drastic improvement when my mercury fillings were taken out. "Who would have thought". I have been diagnosed with Autoimmune and Autonomic disorders. I am positive that this has been a factor in my decline of health. I had those things since high school. I'm 52 now. I am now doing a yeast cleanse which has been a great help and relief. I'm improving every day. You must drink lots of water to cleanse the body. I have one lemon or lime in water every day. The body will heal it's self if we let it. The yeast cleanse I'm using is from Renewlife. It's awesome. I wish you better days ahead. Good luck.