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Re: 10 days post op nissen fundoplication

Originally Posted by JSatre View Post
I don't see any recent threads on this subject. I was wondering if anyone out there that has had this procedure can answer some questions for me:

1. Will the tightness go away in my esophagus when I eat? In other words, 3-6 months from now, will I be able to eat normally? I get this even from liquids, but not all the time. My doctor told me to try introducing foods but I am still eating lots of cream of wheat, grits, oatmeal, yogurt, and soup. Right after I swallow it feels like a stabbing pain in my chest, but it dissipates. It's almost as if the food or liquid, in this case, were stuck in my esophagus.

2. Will I ever be able to drink a beer again? I can burp some, and sometimes I feel like I am refluxing from drinking fluids? It's almost like a burp that comes back up.

That's all for now, just a couple of quick questions. I would be interested in hearing about any success stories or any advice, my mind is open.

Thanks, Jeff
1. I had my Nissen Fundoplication in October 2008. If you research my posts, you will see my journey and my advice from what I've learned since.

My surgeon had me on liquids only for 2 weeks. The first week, I only did clear liquids. I added in some other types during the second weeks. My surgeon was so adamant about the no solids thing that he wouldn't even let me put strawberries in a smoothie because the seeds would still be there. After my post surgery follow-up at 2 weeks, I was allowed to add in soft foods. I didn't add solids until after 4 weeks. Meat and bread I waited to add at about 8 weeks-3 months. Meat and bread don't break down well when chewed.

My GI doc explained to me that my stomach would be "angry" at me for at least 8 weeks because that is how long it actually takes for the majority of the swelling in the stomach to completely subside.

If you are having symptoms like that, it could be that you are doing a bit to much too soon.

Did you have a Manometry before your surgery? People who don't have great esophageal motility aren't really good candidates for the surgery because they are more likely to have problems post-surgery.

I'm eating fully normal now. I just took my time building up to certain foods. Remember that this surgery isn't a cure for acid reflux. It just helps compensate for a weak LES. If you had other digestive issues it may take a bit for them to heal or you may still need to deal with them as well. Foods that really trigger your reflux now may be some of the last ones you want to add back into your diet.

2. You should eventually be able to add back your beer. I had some issues with carbonation and things with extra air in them for a while in the beginning. I still don't do anything carbonated very often, but on occasion it is fine. I had major issues with fermented alcohol prior to surgery to it is one of the things I don't do very frequently now. I'd say it really depends on you and your body.

I did some extra burping in the beginning. My GI doc said it was air that wasn't making it past the wrap during swallowing. It gradually improved over the first few months for me.

Take care.
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