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Re: mind over matter... do you believe it will work?

Hi Somethingspecial, welcome to the boards. I admire your strength in trying to overcome your anxiety and panic through thought manipulation. Yes, anxiety can be overcome by manipulating your thoughts and thinking positive or by meditation. There are many books that can show you how to do this. Listening to music that reminds you of a special time in your life or that makes you happy can also lower anxiety. I myself practice some of what you are doing as well as I donít take daily medicine for general anxiety and try to overcome my anxiety by thought manipulation, watching what I eat and making sure that I sleep well . Exercise can also do wonders.

However, medicine can be a great tool to bring your mind back to a manageable state. When we donít sleep enough, when we suffer traumatic events, or when we donít eat right, we throw the body and mind out of balance. By taking medicine, we help the body and mind get to a state where we can tolerate anxiety. You may be hurting yourself by living in pain and in fear when peace may be a pill away. Many people take medicine only for a short period (few weeks or months) until they get better enough to where they can stop taking it. There are so many anxiety and depression medicines out there that if one gives you too many undesirable side effects, you can always try something different until you find one that your body can tolerate and that improves your quality of life.

You may also want to search these boards for natural alternatives such as herbs or supplements. Some people have had success with them, so it may be just what you need to give you the upper hand if you wonít take medicine.