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Re: I cannot have a bowel movement

Originally Posted by Helpsun78 View Post
I have been having this problem for years. I'm in my 30's. I had had a problem and found the meralax it was so great when I could finally go regularly. I even lost 40 pounds within 2 months. Never felt better to eat and my stomach not bloat uncomfortably and feel exhausted all the time. That worked for about 6 months. I'm back to feeling the same way, when I finally go I have blood in my stool. I got some pistachios and those seemed to do nicely for 2 weeks then again, bloated and exhausted again. Heartburn back 10 fold. Now I'm at square one. Nothing helps, milk makes it worse and I tried the women's laxative, it cramped me so bad with no results. I have told my doctor and she says just keep taking the laxative that was working before. What do I do, my stomach bloats to 3 times normal size for not pooping for 4 days. I get horrible heartburn and have trouble even passing gas. This sux
I eat a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast with ground flax seed and cinnamon every day and a bowl of 6 stewed apricots or prunes, a pear for lunch,and two vegetables at dinner. I was using Citrucel twice a day and it works great but I also have interstitial cystitius and the citrucel aggravates it for some weird reason. I make sure I drink lots of water(64 oz. a day),eat 25-30 grams a day of fiber, and I make time every morning even before I get into the shower to have a bowel movement. When I don't take the time to move my bowels first thing in the morning then the next day it hurts to go. How much water I drink makes a big difference in how hard my bowel movements are to even pass . Stay away from stimulant laxatives and enemas. If you haven't moved your bowels in 2-3 days in a row,try using a glycerin suppository instead. You can't pass gas when you're constipated because the gas gets trapped behind the mass of stool backed up into your colon and rectum. I found that if I listen to relaxing music and do slow deep breathing exercises while on the toilet it helps me to move my bowels without any pain or having to strain to go.

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