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Post Re: Confused over cortisol!

After an injury or traumatic event, stress makes the body produce high levels of cortisol which will damage the hippocampus, which is part of the limbic system of the brain the gives it the ability to store and retrieve memory and also helps the body overcome fear response. PTSD is the is a disorder that affects the frontal lobe as that is part of memory and learning. PTSD is a somatization disorder meaning it is ,trigger by an event or actor. it response automaticly without your control. high levels of cortisol makes the hippocampus lose it ability to control flight or fight response and may cause it to shrink and send out improper pain signals, thyroid function, hormones and causes IBS, chroinc Pain Syndrome, , chest pain, pseudoneurologic symptoms, menstrual difficulties, sex difficulties, and cardioplumonary symptoms, like pain attacks, anxiety attacks, chest pain, dizzinessor palpitations. Ptsd stands for; Post traumatic stress disorder. Its a disorder and not a mental illness, but it will from triggered stress factors produce High levels of cortisol. PTSD is Hell, honesty and I would highly suggest educating yourself about it, and become aware how or what my trigger stress that makes your cortisol levels malfunction. So, that is most likely why your docter whats to test your cortisol levels. I'm not diagnosing you at all, but I have had PTSD then later develop complex pysd and it has caused me alot of emotional stress and health problems from injuries, rape and war and experiencing domestic violence. PTSD shows no mercy and is not bias to anyone, it can happen to anyone and most people don't even know they are suffering from PTSD. I had it since age 5 and joined the Army. I made a 91 out of 100 on my asvab, so my IQ is 140. Your not stupid or dumb, it is just how the brain affect's anyone who suffers a traumatic event and exspecialy injuries. I hope I haved helped, and wish you the best and God Bless you. Learn, learn, can live with what ever comes your way!

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