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Thanks, Tall Allen. You're a pillar of strength.

I started masturbation attempts on my own initiative ie not on my urologists advice. I have already bought a pump but have been reluctant to use it before consulting my urologist, which should happen in the next week.

If I was sitting in the USA or Europe, I would be laughed out of court for suggesting this, but I am wondering whether I have been slipped an ineffective counterfeit medication. Apart from generally lax controls here in South Africa, as evidenced by frequent busts by customs on importers of counterfeit goods, the apparent falloff in effectiveness happened just after I started the second course. Also, the second course was made up of bits from several other packages, not a sealed unit.

That's why I was wondering whether increased libido and "pre-erection" could come from causes other than Cialis or whether Cialis could lose its effectiveness.

I am on 5mg/day Cialis and the package specifically forbids taking more than 1 tablet per day.

Finally, I don't have the option of changing pharmacists because he took my doctor's script (for 6 months' worth of medication) from me when he dispensed the first course. Perhaps I can get around this by persuading my urologist to change the prescription to either a higher dose or different medication.

Your advice has given me a much clearer understanding: much appreciated.