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Re: Recovery from L4/S1 PLIF

Well I'm now 10 days post op from my L4-S1 laminectomy, dicscetomy and L4-S1 PLIF. Surgery went well, no problems with coming out of general anesthesia. When I woke up I was in lots of pain but was told to expect that. I had a morphine drip ordered and attached to my IV. I don't fell that it was giving me much pain relief and nurse added oral pain meds which eventually started to work. By end of the day an ortho came by to try and get me walking, it didn't go so well. Almost immediately I started having severe spasms in my low back and my legs began shaking uncontrollably. Needless to say that end the walk attempt for the day.

Spasms continued the rest of night and into next day and they could not find the right combination of meds to help control them and the associated pain. Day two I could only get out of bed to the end of the bed, I could not believe the pain and I can push through pain, but this I couldn't. Day three was better meds finally fine tuned to control everything , I was able to walk with a walker to nurses station maybe 40 yards from my door. Day four much better and was discharged.

Getting in/out of car was tuff, having an SUV type vehicle would have been easier I think. Moving about house a small challenge with the walker, getting the 5" toilet seat riser is a life saver, makes a big difference.

Still dealing with post surgery pain but feel it is beginning to lighten up a little. As for pre surgery pain relief it's still early for me to tell, I am having more pain in my left buttocks and legs than I did prior, but with all the muscle and nerve moving around during surgery I'm not overly concerned at this time. Just need to continue to relax and follow doctors orders and let the body heal it self. This surgery however is no joke and I hope the pain and discomfort I'm going through now pays off.

Will try to keep updating during recovery.