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Re: MS, RLS, Convulsive Spasms

Again, you're right on the money. How'd you get to be so wise? For anyone fighting a "mystery illness," the three most important things may be: 1) knowledge; 2) trying to keep stress at manageable levels; and 3) commitment and conviction.

It's ridiculous, but we often need to know more than the doctors. We need to keep self-doubt at bay.... We know our bodies better than anyone else and if we don't keep pushing, we'll get pushed aside -- often labeled a hypochondriac. And we need to advocate for ourselves. The system is designed to handle only illnesses that are easily diagnosed and that respond to expensive therapies. Only a handful of doctors ... true healers ... are willing to work with a patient for years chasing down some phantom that pops up in one guise, goes away, t hen comes back looking like something else, only to disappear and then reappear as something different still.

I'm hopping on the RLS/Parkinson's concept next week in hopes of getting a definitive, quick (less than a year) "yes" or "no" answer. It also occurs to me that there are other conditions so unrelated that cause weird symptoms and are difficult to diagnose. In college, a roommate had Tourette's. He didn't bark, curse or do any of the other outrageous things people typically associate with Tourette's. However, he had a god-awful "tic" in his throat. Sounded like he was choking to death every two minutes. Took him YEARS to finally have it diagnosed and be put on medication that provided relief. Just keep on pluggin' away!