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Bright, red, painless bump along my median raphe (underneath my penis, in the middle)

Good Afternoon forums, I am a 24 year old male who is sexually active. I have taken STD tests with results returning negative, and was recently diagnosed with scabies on my genitalia (scrotum, i think). I have been prescribed Permethrin 5% which i have used according to directed guidelines by my dermatologist, however, I've noticed a bright red lump in the middle of my penis, underneath it (reverse side, called the penile raphe i believe). The bright red lump is painless, and rather stern. According to my dermatologist, it MIGHT also be a scabies infection, however, I do not feel it is, because of the absence of itching. I am looking for a second, third, and possibly 4th opinion, as this issue does not affect my sexual performance, but rather my psychological makeup. If any doctors or anyone has had an experience similiar to mine and is able to offer me some consultation, please do! I also have pictures I can provide off hand, and though I just joined these forums as of today, I am unclear about the criteria concerning the posting of pictures (if they are even allowed). Please, get back to me!

Thank You and God Bless! =]

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