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Anorexia - Very worried


Firstly, my name is Claire and I am 25.

I have health problems such as Anorexia, GAD, and the overflow of symptoms that accompany both of those issues.

I am worried that my Anorexia has developed into something more.
I have been anorexic since I was a baby. So 25 years.

My problem at the minute is my eyes have a yellow tinge in them. I have a photo...
Not just that, I was at the dentist a couple of days ago and he said I had low bone density.
That has set off alot of aniexty. Im worrying that if my dentist said that, does that mean I am or have already developed brittle bones??

I have been under alot of stress recently. Which has resulted in my anorexia jumping on the bandwagon to knock me down a little further.

The symptoms I am having are the same as about 6 year ago. That was when my body was shutting down. So Im scared!

My symptoms are:
Loose stools
Loss of appetite. Small appetite to begin with.
Extreme dizzy spells - close to fainting.
My muscles are aching when I use them. So badly.
I cant even fold clothes up without being in agony. Climbing the stairs aches my legs to the point I need to sit down.
It started with my hands. If I gripped something it felt as though my hand was cramping. It gradually worked its way up my arm. Now its just all over. Only when Im active
Only my back has started aching when I am inactive.
My hair is falling out

Sorry its so long. I am just very worried.
There might be more symptoms but I cant think of any.


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