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runner/brostrom procedure

I am new to the board here and looking for some advice to the runners out there or anyone who has had the modified brostrom procedure done. I am scheduled to have this procedure done in mid January by a doctor at John Hopkins at Good Samaritan Hospital in MD.

Id like to share a little history about me first. For starters I am 39 years old and I like to run about 3-4 times a week. Well at least I used to until we started a family. lol I first rolled my left ankle playing high school football and have continuously rolled it ever since. Every single time ive been able to recover in a fairly normal timeframe and at a level Im comfortable with. I recently sprained my left ankle this past july stepping off off an uneven surface. This ankle sprain did not recover the same way as previous ankle sprains. In fact I ended up going to physical therapy for about 6 weeks to try and strengthen it. During this period running went from being painful forcing me to overcompensate so I had to shut it down. Fast forward to today and although Im able to run with no pain there really isnt support like I have in my right ankle. In other words at least in my right ankle I feel like I have something there compared to the left ankle. it seems as though I could roll it again and continue to do even more damage to it.

The doctor has said there is no terminal end point when he flexes my left ankle versus my right ankle. Ive gotten an X-ray which didnt show much other than a tiny bone chip. Ive gotten the MRI which revealed a partial ligament tear which has probably healed. Ive gotten 3 doctor's opinions. One said I could do PT and give that a try which I did and simply explained options. I went to the second doctor and he said I was fine and didnt need surgery. FInally, I went to the Johns Hopkins doctor and he said if it was him he'd get the procedure done while Im young. He mentioned he had his son go through it and he returned to playing sports.

I realize surgery is always considered a last resort. I sort of consider this a preventative type procedure because at this point if I sprain it again I could end up damaging cartilage and dealing with arthritis down the road. I mean there isnt any pain at this point when I run. Its just a matter of little to no support like I have in my right ankle.

Does anyone have any recommendations or advice they can give regarding the modified brostrom procedure? ive heard good things about it and its success rate is good. I know the recovery wont be easy but Im prepared to work.

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