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Re: acne has ruined my life

That's what i thought too,but iv'e been battling cystic acne since my teen yrs,and im now 56,sitting here with a band aid on my chin,from and underground pimple that won't come to a head.I know what you mean about ppl not being able to understand emotionally how you feel about your skin,how it takes a toll on you,that can sometimes send a person into a depression,or make them never want too come out of the house.My brother and sister have never had a problem with acne,so they have no idea,how embarassing it can be,too go outside ,with your face looking like a war zone.I keep hoping even at 56 to wake up someday to a clear skin,but by that time arrives,the wrinkles will be setting in.I truly feel for the ppl who have acne,just wish i had some words of encouragment for you.When i get a really bad zit,i just slap a small band aid on it,and go on with my life.I have out grown some of my acne,but i still get the cystic ones,at least 3 times a month,wish i had the normal kind of acne,not the painful kind.Hope you find something that works for you.