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Question Does any of this sound familiar to anyone????

I have been having problems for quite a few years now, I have been to quite a few doctors, including a Rheumatologist. I apologize for the length of this, but Im frustrated and I am curious as to if anyone else has had any of the following symptoms, and what is your dx? I was told I have arthritis (in my lower back) and fibromyalgia. But, I believe there is more to it then that, and I am tired of not knowing. I intend on seeing different doctors in the coming months once my insurance kicks in, but for now, Im researching my symptoms, looking for a possible answer.

*Hip pain, leg pain, foot pain:
the pain in my hips are so uncomfortable that I cannot lay in one spot for too long, the pain in my legs keeps me from walking at a decent speed and the foot pain feels like a burning/aching on the bottoms of my feet. (Im OKAY @ work as long as I keep moving, I do have little pain but its a lot worse once Im stationary. If I get up from a sitting position, I can barely walk, Im hunched over and I walk very slow.

*Thinning hair: I once had thick hair, but over the years it has become quite thing and whispy, especially on top near my forehead.

*Boils: Ive been getting boils for as long as I can remember. Very painful, very embarrassing.

*Pilonidal cysts: Ive had atleast 4 that I can rememeber in the past 4 years.

*Fatigue/No motivation: Im so tired, its so hard for me to crawl out of bed in the morning for work, Im exhausted at work, but push through the day, and I have no motivation to do housework, not because Im lazy, but Im just tired and would rather just lay there and rest.

*Poor Concentration/Memory loss: My short term memory is horrible, and I have the worst trouble concentrating and even making decisions.

*Body temp problems: Im either extremely cold or extremely hot. Im usually more hot than cold, but Im never just comfortable. I sweat so much at work, that my hair is soaked and sticks to my face. Yes, I have a very physical job, Im a CNA, but, nobody else sweats like that. I cant tolerate extreme temps, the cold makes me hurt and the heat makes me sick.

*Numbness/Tingling in my fingers: I have numbness mostly in my left hand (fingers) and on my right hand I have 1 finger in particular that hurts at the tip, it has a slight bump on it as well. I had my fingers xrayed, but was told no sign of rheumatoid arthritis.

*Miscarriages: Ive had 3 miscarriages. Ranging from 7 weeks to 12 weeks.

**if youve read this far, I appreciate it!!! Im almost done!
Now, the boils Ive had since I was maybe a teenager, Im 32 now.
The pain, the muscle aches, and all of the other symptoms I didnt notice until after I moved away from the Southern Half of the U.S. (NC).
Someone said possible lyme disease, but I dont ever remember being bitten by a tick, or even having the bullseye rash.
ALSO, I had a fall back in 2007, I slipped on some ice, broke my leg, ankle, and tore some ligaments, had surgery.
I moved back to the Northern Half of the US around the same time I fell.

Any thoughts????? Id love to go to the doctor and run a few things by him/her, but Im lost and dont know what it could be. Ive had tons of bloodwork, there was some inflammation, but they didnt know what was causing it. Other than that, they really didnt find anything, I dont even remember what all they tested for besides lupus.


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