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Re: Anorexia - Very worried

Anorexia, though technically means "loss of appetite", is a mental disorder. I've never heard of a baby having Anorexia as in the mental illness. But anyways, I don't know your statistics and don't even share them as it may trigger some people but it sounds to me like your blood sugar is probably extremely low as well as your electrolytes. If you are so concerned about your symptoms, don't you think you should seek out help? You could have a heart attack any minute. Sorry if I sound harsh but sometimes that's what is needed when it comes to these issues. I myself suffered from Anorexia for many years and am still in recovery. I can honestly say from experience that no amount of weight loss is worth the unhappiness and severe health effects that an Eating Disorder causes. Furthermore, I'm not sure what you mean by "I'm afraid my Anorexia may be developing into something more". It is what it is. The longer you restrict your food intake, the quicker your body will eat itself and eventually fail. Please get help before something bad happens to you. You have a long life ahead of you, but if you keep this up, you won't.

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