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Re: new to the board...

I am new to the board also. A year or so ago my Mom would say that my Dad is glaring at her at night time(Dad died 14 years ago) who am I to say theres no such thing as ghost-so I fluffed it off. Then she started seeing little children that had no faces-now its getting creepy. She had a horrible time learning things like how to work a new cell phone. When we would have plans to do something, she would come down with severe IBS, she just seemed like she was afraid to leave the house. This past Sept she ended up in the hospital from dehydration from the IBS and everything changed. Her hallucinations were coming on really strong, these little kids were always there, her memory for finding the right words were getting more apparent. With some tests done, doctors have diagnosed vascular dementia primary and frontal lobe secondary. Just after Thanksgiving she had seen 'men' in her living room and heard babies crying so she called the police. 2 days after that she moved her furniture all over the place and made a mess of her house then went to her neighbor and said someone broke in and took her stuff. Then changed the story to the people were moving her out. She went to the hospital, which seemed to make things worse because now she is agitated, aggressive and talks of nothing but how her day was at work(she retired 6 years ago)and other things that make no sense what so ever. When I drive her to her appointments she thinks I'm dad. In 3 short months I have 'lost' my mom. I found an AL w/memory care for her, but is having a hard time adjusting but I am hopeful that new meds are easing the anxiety and confusion. I have been blown away by the rapid state of this ugly disease that is so new to me and the fact that my mom is only 69 years old and her brain has betrayed her and tormenting her. I am a mess most days as I struggle to keep it together.

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