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Re: Anorexia - Very worried

Thanx for your reply.

My anorexia has been with me since I was a baby. Doctors dont know why
I have told then numerous times I am not your typical anorexic. Therefore, Im not anorrxic.
Only the doctors claim that I most definitely am. If my BMI is underweight then I am clinically anorexic. Even if I had no anorexia symptoma what so ever.

Anyway, I came to the conclusion that my anorexia is controlled by my GAD. The mental health team agree.. although it wasnt said as a fact.

I will be seeking help but its the weekend. I also worry myself into not going due to my GAD.
Vicious circle kind of thing.

That is why I came here.
And no dont sound harsh at all.
Thanx again for the reply :-)

When i said im worried its going jnto something more. I mean Im worrying incase im at the stage i was at last time when my organs were ready to fail.