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Do I really have a serious liver disease?

Hello. I am twenty years old male 5 foot 6 inches 158.4 pounds. I am a heavy drinker for about three years but the last year I have started drinking everyday about one bottle of whisky or more. I made some tests and found my liver enzymes high. I was diagnosed with fatty liver disease. I cut alcohol completely for twelve days but I had a swelling in my right upper rib next to diaphragm. After these days, I started drinking about two nights per week and then made some blood tests. My liver enzymes were fine but the swelling didn't go away. Now, for about two months I started drinking more than a bottle of whisky everyday and the swelling started spreading all over the upper right side of the abdominal. I thought the liver cannot be swelling over the bone, so I didn't mind until two or three days ago that I noticed my right abdominal is swollen under the ribcage too and have nausea and want to vomit every time I eat or start drinking for about two weeks. I also had right ribcage pains. All these symptoms used to disappear when I was starting getting drunk. I only vomited once though, a day that I started drinking whisky without having eatten anything before. Suddenly, yesterday I woke up with thirteen red spots on my chest and severe lower right and left back pains, pains in the whole right ribcage and pains in the upper left rib. These pains come and go and can be felt only on one spot at a time. They don't last more than ten minutes in each spot. I can also feel my stomach purring too much. The red spots are pin-sized and totally circular without rough edges (not spider-like). Sometimes I have a little itching in these spots too (not the rest of the body). I don't have jaundice and haven't noticed any special tiredness or abnormal weight loss.

It is cirrhosis, right?

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