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Re: Anorexia - Very worried

I'm still a little confused. Do you have a physical loss of appetite that has no mental basis? Or do you restrict your food intake because you want to lose weight or are afraid of gaining weight? I know as a medical term Anorexia simply means loss of appetite. However, this is under a Mental Health forum so in this case, I expect Anorexia to be the mental illness. Im not a doctor, but I did study psychology and I have experience with these issues.....Simply being underweight (I believe the DSM criteria is 15% your expected body weight or something) and not having an appetite isn't enough to conclude you have Anorexia as a mental disorder. The psychological symptoms have to be present too such as fear of gaining weight, intentional restriction of food, mood swings, avoidance of social situations with food, isolation, etc. I'm just trying to get a better feel for where you are coming from. A baby cannot be born with the mental disorder of Anorexia. There could be a genetic predisposition but an infant does not have the cognitive abilities to intentionally restrict food intake because they want to lose weight.