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Re: Anorexia - Very worried

I have been confused myself for years haha. My bmi is low. I checked yesterday and it isnt too bad. 17.3. Which is quite good for me. I have never ever been in the normal bmi range.
By age 3 I was on Fortisip milkshakes. I have been on and off them all of my life.
The anorexic symptoms I do have are:
Not eating in public and lying about how much i have eaten.

I know i am underweight. I know i am not fat in the slightest. I worry more about being underweight.

Thank you for your help. I know it is confusing. This is why I believe it is my GAD that is in control.

I dont eat wheb I am hugry at times due to worry and stress. Not intentionally. I just no longer feel hungry. Sometimes i am and just cant wat

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