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Re: Conflicting Opinions On Rebif and Pregnancy

Thank you both for your insight! This is one of those hard MS subjects for me to think about and deal with, especially when the MD's recommendation is different from what I've been hearing from those who have been through it and/or have more experience with how the DMDs work and affect your body. I was talking to my mother about this the other day and telling her how much I wished getting pregnant could be a "happy surprise" for my husband and I rather than such a planned out event. The more planning we have to put into when we actually get pregnant, i.e. go off meds for x number of months and then try to get pregnant for x number of months and if we don't get pregnant in that time, having to go back on Rebif, feels like a so much pressure and then gets me thinking about everything it will take to care for a baby - hence the "fear" of so much planning... I'm not really afraid of having a baby, I think I just get overwhelmed when I think of everything that will go into caring for one with me having MS and also being the main breadwinner for our family, even though my husband is WONDERFUL when I'm having a rough day. Can you tell I'm a major "Type A" personality worrying about all of this before it even happens??!!
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