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Re: Vertigo and Tinnitus

I saw a Neurosurgeon on Friday.

I dont know how legit he actually he was but it was at Private Hospital so I guess he knows what he is doing, but I say this because of the following:

We spoke abit about my symptoms and he did some movement tests with my hands elbows abit of tapping on them etc....

We than sat down and said I have B9 something or other , so I didnt understand what it was and he said its essentially BBPV...

Can one diagnose that its BBPV just by doing that small little test?

He said it should take 1 - 2 years to clear that also true or is it permanent?

He said its close relation to Meniere's but it isnt Meniere's... is that true?

Some of the symptoms I told him was:

Dizziness comes and goes
Nausea but no vomiting
Feeling of floating or moving when lying down or standing still

I forgot to mention that my ears feel quite sensitive especially to LOUD noises they almost feel "blocked"?

What can u gather about whate Ive said? Thanks

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