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re: going through the basal joint surgery process - my story

I had the same surgery 18 months ago on the thumb of my right (primary) hand, and it takes months of therapy to regain strength. My grip is less than before the surgery, but I also had the first digit of my second finger fused. Recuperation does take months, and PT-3 times per week- did help. However I am pain free!

Some things I did that were helpful: Bought an electric jar opener since my left hand is also weak from nerve damage which surgery did not completely fix. Opening food packages with a plastic/foil seal and using scissors to cut material or paper are still a challenge, so I use a sharp knife to cut the seals. I have no problems using a knife to cut meat or vegetables, but paper or fabric is difficult using scissors because of my grip.

After PT, I continued the exercises and I kneaded bread dough to help my thumb regain some mobility. The surgeon was pleased with the outcome even though I will never be 100%, but I can live with the limitations.

Patience is key since you cannot rush the healing process. Good luck, Cassidy.

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