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Re: over one year "sinus" problems... please help!

Originally Posted by Nightwarrior View Post
I'm on day six of Clarithromycin, and I'm pleased to say the mucus has now become clear and less of it. phew. However my nose seems to be constantly running and clogging up every few hours, but much better than it was a week ago. Also much less blood when I flush with saline/bicarbonate, so I think I've made a bit of a breakthrough. I'm going to stop using the decongestant tablets/spray but I'm going to continue with peroxide flooding every morning until I'm certain the infection has gone.

I'm still feeling exhausted and needing to rest a lot. Tried a bit of housework and it knocked me out for 4 hours! But at least I am now able to attempt a bit of tidying up (my house looks like a bomb has hit it!)

Hopefully everyone else will start feeling better soon too.
Yaay! That's great to hear. I remember reading on another post that you were at one point taking amitryptiline and I was wondering if you think that this made a difference for you as well? Or do you think it's just the combo of peroxide flushing and the new antibiotic?

I also wanted to ask you about how you do the peroxide flushing. You mentioned that you lay on your back and hang your head over the bed. Then you said I believe you turn your head side to side. I'm trying to picture that and I'm not quite getting it. Are you shaking your head or just gently turning it side to side?

Very happy that you are seeing a light at the end of this horrible tunnel!