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Re: Recurring fevers, possibly started with strep

The next fever occurred 20 days from the last. So I immediately took him off the holistic meds for the fever (burdock & echinecea).

My dad says that Xylitol does not kill strep, just causes it to coagulate and become ineffective. So maybe the burdock/ech is un-coagulating if anything.

The next fever was 23 days after that, then the following one was 31 days later. Seeming to mimic what happened after he started on the Xylitol toothpaste before the Burdock - where it went from 20 to 21 or so, then 33 or so.

Sometime between this last fever and the next one (40 days later) we started using the Kiss My face toothpaste again. This one has tea tree oil in addition to Xylitol. The next fever was 40 days later.

Following that, we did not do so well giving him the probiotic. I've been trying to remember to toss his daycare toothbrush as well. The next fever was 23 days later.

We were diligent again with the probiotic. Skipped brushing his teeth one night this period. Next fever was 36 days later. That was the last one.

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