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Re: Second hip replacement

I think you should call his office and ask to speak to his nurse. She can tell you whether the pain warrants a visit or not. I am thinking, however, that it is probably normal since it appears to be lessening.

As for the different experiences with each hip, my surgeon told me that it is common for patients to have an easier time with one hip over another. Both limbs are different and he said he finds that his patients usually have an easier time with one hip or the other. He didn't say whether second hip replacements were easier than the first, but that would be my experience.Unlike you, I have found the second replacement to be easier and have found that i have rebounded faster. I put it down to knowing what to expect and to being less afraid to move--I am careful to observe all the precautions, but I am not afraid that all movements will lead to dislocation. I also walked more at the outset with this second hip replacement than I did with the first and I think walking is the key to a strong recovery.

Take care.

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