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Gasping for air just before sleep

Hello, No where else to turn...This has been ongoing for almost a year now. Slowly getting more common and more persistent. I've had anxiety my whole life, but no symptom like this. I also get sleep paralysis many times a month. This usually happens upon wake if it does. I also have acid reflux here and there.

Right before the onset of sleep I wake with a gasp of air. I can't really tell if its an big inhale or exhale. This could occur 2 to even on a bad night, 6 times before I fall asleep. Each time it happens I get nervous that I might stop breathing while I sleep & pass away. Once I do fall asleep I usually sleep perfectly until morning except for the once in a while sleep paralysis. I know there is a moment before sleep where your body stops breathing. It's almost like I realize this and wake myself up.

I do not think this is apnea. I believe there is some mixed up brain signals that are malfunctioning for sleep onset. I think this because I get sleep paralysis a lot. I appreciate any opinions & advice...Thanks a ton in advanced

* How much does a sleep study cost without insurance
* With a normal insurance plan what kind of co-pay are they?

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