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Re: Triple Arthrodesis/Subtalor fusion

Originally Posted by ezgoesit View Post
Thanks for the update. That is good news for you and encouraging for me.

I did schedule an appointment with him for after Christmas based on your reccomendation.

He'll be my third opinion. I want to feel confident the surgery takes this time.

How did your foot realignment go? I think you said your foot was also turned out.
Glad to hear that you are meeting with Leavitt - good move on your part to be sure. My foot looks pretty good and I the swelling is gone but now that I start PT today I am sure it will swell some. The foot angle has definitely been straigtened out and no looking pointing at 2 PM. Since I was born with 2 flat feet I don't know if the Triple Arthro corrected that and forgot to ask him on Sat. I will ask the PT people today. I have absolutely no pain when standing on my new 10 week old ankle. It is stiff and parts feel a little numb but that is it which really surprised me.
Triple Arthrodesis and Achilles lengthening 9/28/12