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Re: Dr not helping anymore, something else is wrong & really need help

Toolong that was interesting about the hyponatremia. Thanks for the info.

WW, thank you for the laugh. Hope your cup of coffee held out for you. Yes, I was very worried about the scam business when he was so out of it. Now my biggest worry is that it will happen again if he doesn't stay on top of it. It was such a simple thing that caused it and such a simple fix, but we were zeroed in on his type 2 diabetes and his not eating right and didn't even think of it being anything else. He has Liver disease and sees one of the worlds top docs for that right here in St. Louis. It was a simple blood test that determined his ammonia level in his blood was too high because of the liver disease and he takes a med for it and it took no time for him to come back to the real world. Of course if it starts happening again, he won't know it and we will have to tell him and get him to the doc again. Just another little bump in the road. Did you ever see the beginning of the soap opera Days of our Lives. It makes me think of that....Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives.....ok wait for me to stop laughing.....I'm ok now. Anyway, I don't or never did watch soap operas, but I just thought of that. I'm a little crazy today, love being that way sometimes. Hope you are doing good.