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Re: Surgery on 11/30 - Im scared!

Originally Posted by jorama View Post
I am so sorry you are feeling so bad post surgery. What are you trying to eat? Are you still on pain meds? I hope this resolves soon, cause I had severe nausea a few weeks ago so bad that I could not eat a thing. Maybe you should talk to your GI dr. about this, maybe he can help you more than your regular dr. Keep me posted. My prayers are with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have tried saltines, applesauce, plain noodles, toast, plain chicken, plain potato....water....sip of gatoraid disagreed with me immediately, as did a bite of soft pretzel.....

I stopped taking the pain meds on Thursday - but am still taking the phenergan for nausea (even doubled it the past 2 days!).....Is the Dr missing something? Am I just so dehydrated I feel this way????? I just dont know???? I dont have alot of faith in my GI doc, he seemed to just order tests and then passed me on to the surgeon - lol....