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re: going through the basal joint surgery process - my story

I had the nerve block with both of my surgeries. I wasn't given a choice. I was told to bring a pillow and I kept my arm cradled in that until I got home and settled. My surgeon does it as part of the surgery so I was out when the block was done. I think one of the benefits of the block is that it allows you to sleep the first night without having to wake up to take your pain pills. With the first surgery I didn't start the pain pills until I started to feel the pain in the afternoon the next day. I learned my lesson....once the pain starts it's hard to get control. Start your pills before you feel the pain. The second surgery I took them as soon as I woke up the next morning. The most important things to remember is to keep your arm elevated and iced. Good luck with your surgery, we'll all be thinking good thoughts for you!
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