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Re: Gluten Free Diet-Please Help!!

I recently started eating gluten free as well. Searching on the Internet I have been able to find a lot of recipes for great soups. A salad loaded with meat, seeds, raisins and a homemade dressing is also a favorite for lunch. try a "sandwich" wrap made with lettuce as the wrapper. Pastrami roll ups with cream cheese and a pickle don't sound good but are really tasty. Snyders makes a gluten free pretzel that I actually prefer to regular pretzels. If you have a Whole Foods, Cub Foods or other type of whole food co-op, they will offer a lot of gluten free options. Once you get on track you will be shocked at how much better you feel! One thing to note, after one week gluten (and dairy) free, I actually found that I didn't miss those processed carbs I had been eating (way too much of) for 41 years. I was shocked that I could sit at a table with a bunch of people who were drinking beer and I didn't even crave it. I would make fresh bread for my family and not even have difficulty avoiding it. However, once I discovered the gluten free snacks (pretzels, cookies), the cravings came back. I indulged a little too much. I hope to avoid all the processed foods from here our because my entire physical and mental health is so much better without it. Good luck to you!