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Re: BACK PAINsuggestion

Hello, I am not sure what you are asking. Is it that you are trying to find out what is wrong with you and why you are having the back pains? From the sound of your mri results, you do not have a final diagnoses of anything. That still does not mean that there is nothing wrong with your back. Can you get a little more specific about your back pain. Where in your back? How it feels? Does it get worst or better with certain things you do? (laying down,bending,standing for a certain amount of time,etc). Have you talked with your doctor about what they think is wrong and what actions they want to take. It sounds like maybe you may need physical therapy. The thing is back pain is a tricky thing and hard to get a specific diagnoses because that is something that can't always be medically verified by testing. Also with back pain the type of treatment is tricky to, because so many things may work, injections, physical therapy, tens units, creams, medications, and so on and so on. I am not saying this to discourage you in any way but I think you should prepare because this is probably going to be a long road ahead of you. It is hard to get certain treatments when the physicians have a diagnoses. With you not actually having one yet, I am sure the doctors are going to want to do more test and blood work and maybe refer you to a few other specialist that may be able to help. If you really believe that something is wrong then you should stay on top of the doctors and not let them make you feel like you are wrong. Sometimes the road get so bumpy that you my have to go through several doctors before getting somewhere. Hope you get answers sooner rather than later. Keep us posted and good luck. Remember that nobody can tell you about your body better than you. Good luck
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