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Re: Post-LEEP Recovery

Hi Carrie,

Ive been experiencing exactly the same thing as you describe in your post. I had LEEP treatment at the end of June this year and the bleeding has been driving me mad! Every period is extended by brown spotting and discharge and every time I have intercourse I bleed and have brown blood for days afterwards. After visiting my GP several times and being fobbed off and told it should stop soon I finally stamped my feet and demanded an appointment with the consultant to have a repeat colposcopy to see what is going on. I went for the colposcopy 2 days ago and was told I have cervical ectropian in the area that was treated. I was told its harmless however its when instead of new skin growing in the area that was cut out muscuc producing cells grow back there which are usually found much further up where the cervix narrows. The mucus producing cells are very fragile and bleed easily when irritated. They are irritated more when there is a rise in oestrogen in the body. The consultant said that it is easily treated by using cold coagulation to 'burn' the area again to allow the skin a chance to grow back 'normally' again. The best advice I can give you is to demand to see and expert in the field as general doctors seem to have limited knowledge and sympathy about the problems described! Hugs to you and try not to worry, I know how u feel its horrible and I spent many nights lying awake thinking of all the worse case scenarios!

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