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Re: Constipation ugh!

For sure try to eat more fibre and becareful which fibre you take cause well for me atleast a certain type of fibre makes my stomach bloat up to kingdom come. Try metamucil or Restrolax to get regular again or atleast help soften the stool. I actually take peppermint oil which helps, also yogurt can help as well as it is a good priobotic that can help your stomach. Peppermint oil is really good in that it also helps with bloating and stomach pain. Have you seen a psychiatrist about your anxiety? Anxiety can greatly effect how your body feels and stress as well. I also have gerd/ibs among.. well everything else lol and had extreme social anxiety that was really bad, I actually did cognitive behaviour therapy and it helped me alot! Do you take anything for your ibs/gerd? Also watch what foods you eat, alot of fatty foods/caffeine can be brutal to your stomach. Unfortunately with IBS all you can do is really help yourself, doctors can't do alot for you but prescribe pills that may or may not help you. Having a food diary and maybe a stress diary could help. IBS can contribute to your anxiety and vice versa.