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Re: Cramps for days after an IBS attack

Yep gas pains can be extremely brutal. I can get some that are extremely bad and cause quite instense pain. With IBS all you can really do is watch what you eat, if you have alot of C try taking priobitics or metamucil or any fibre really that can help you. I also take peppermint oil and found that it does help some atleast with the bloating. I havent been able to work for years because of my ibs so I understand how badly IBS sucks and how it effects your life. Certain foods/drinks can make it much worse if you do have alot of problems with trapped gas try and stay away from foods/drinks that cause alot of it. Any carbonated drink is bad, caffeine doesnt help your stomach to much... drinking alot of water may help. I have never had gallstones before so I am not sure about those symptoms.