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Re: Possible chronic fatigue?

Thanks for the reply
Does anyone know how common swollen lymph nodes are with CFS?
For the duration of being ill I've had multiple (think its called generalized) very slightly swollen lymph nodes:
under the armpits (sometimes sore and achy)
2 on the left side of the neck (one small and rubbery almost and one slightly larger but softer) - ache very rarely
a very small one just above my right collarbone
a small one behind my right ear
several around the groin area on both the left and right side (described by the doctor as 'shotty')

Today i went to see a different doctor and didn't mention anything about cfs and he ordered some blood tests and a scan of the neck nodes (put it as urgent to get it done asap since i've been unwell for 4months now) to ensure nothing sinister is going (i mentioned my worry of lymphoma) on but said he felt it unlikely due to the small node sizes.

My question is whether this extent of lymph node swelling and effect is common with cfs or is this unusual and therefore unlikely to be cfs?