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Re: Does any of this sound familiar to anyone????

Jmarie, hi & welcome. Just curious: how recent is your bloodwork? What abnormal values were found? Which AI tests were run?

Before your insurance kicks in, you could get copies of recent labs, to research what you've been tested for. For the cysts, you could research which AI conditions they occur in---but BUT I think they can occur "just because", so you might not have an AI (time will tell). But the list would give you conditions to look into, to see if your symptoms match up with any.

After your insurance kicks in, you might want to start fresh with a new GP and get a full physical. New bloodwork should include all the standard labs, incl. blood glucose. I'd want thyroid levels, too, because many of the symptoms you list can occur in hypothyroidism.

I'm sorry to read about your miscarriages. I understand that these are losses we never forget. I bet there are many possible causes, but offhand I know of only one, called antiphospholipid syndrome (APS). It's a blood clotting disorder, sometimes called "sticky blood syndrome". You could find more on APS on the Lupus Board. Also, you could ask on the Pregnancy Board what tests others who've miscarried have had.

Sorry this is so general, but I hope it gives you some ideas for making a plan. ILet us know how you're doing. Take good care, Vee