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Re: will circumsicion cure my premature ejaculation

Is your frenulum short? Can you retract your foreskin fully and easily or is there tightness from the frenulum? If it's tight frenulum causing your PE, you might overcome it by stretching it to make it grow longer (Song & Cai 2012). This must be done carefully to avoid injury. It's actually possible to seriously injure oneself if the frenulum is tight and retracted too aggressively. See the sticky thread on the Men's Health board Stretching To Fix Tight Foreskin (Phimosis). There are directions there for frenulum breve, which isn't (necessarily) what you have but it's pretty similar.

Another option that is much less radical than circumcision is keeping your foreskin retracted for some amount of time in the day--say 5 to 25 min a day to start. Doing this exposes the most sensitive parts to rub against fabric in clothes reducing the sensitivity a lot. (If you're 'too sensitive' for this, circumcision will feel a LOT worse because it will be like that, but you can't ever stop the exposure.)

Of course, you could just use a condom too, couldn't you? The natural/intact/uncircumcised penis was made with so much sensitivity that condoms wouldn't be much of a bother. All of the men I ever met who absolutely hate condoms (so much that they never use them) are circumcised. You should be glad your penis has too much sensitivity. It's much easier to lose excess sensitivity than it is to get more.

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