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Re: PET SCAN and scared

My grandmother has horrible anxiety when it comes to MRI's and such. She expressed this to her doctor and he perscribed a mild diazepam to take 15 minutes before her appointment. He also let the place know and they made her as comfortable as they could, including headphones. Now I am not saying call your doc and say "give me a xanax" lol but express your concerns and fears with him so he can be aware and make suggestions.

I dont know about the other tests but I have had an MRI and a nuclear test with contrast (gallbladder) and they werent too bad. Well, ok the gallbaldder test sent me into a fit but that was the point of that one. I did a little deep breathing and praying before I went in and it was over before I knew it.

I hope everything turns out ok for you.

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