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Re: Calcaneus fracture

Pain will increase with use, but usually it is more of soreness then a pain. But there are bad days.

A walker is more stable then crutches. Thick socks and comfortable shoes will give you less pain, the rest of your life. Being a woman, you may not like this. You will have to chose between pain and cute shoes.

As for physcial therapy, you need to do it at home, not just at the sessions. Your age will help you. So will keeping weight down.

By 10-12 months, you will probably have a good idea how things will be. Though for me, after that things did get easier. But I don't think ROM changed much after that.

Shooting sensations are normal, and will go away. Keep your foot elevated. Turning purple when done is normal too, but avoid it. You will have less swelling once you start walking and the muscle starts pumping. But you may have life long issues.

For a few months after I started walking I wore a compression sock. Really tight sock that restricts blood flow and swelling. Ask your doc. I could probably wear one more often, but don't. They make really tight ones, that you get at medical supply places. These are tighter then the ones you get at regular stores.

Lots to read here, keep reading.
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