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Re: beta blockers reduce the heart rate

I take Blocatens, I don't know if you have same medicine in the US. I am in Europe.

they are beta blockers.

I was diagnosed with high BP and arhythmia (not dangerous kind).

I take 5mg (half a pill of 10mg). I take 5mg each morning as I wake up (I think they are dangerous to take them before sleep because they drop your heart rate).

They dropped my heart rate to normal, my heart feels like a relief from being tired - very calm. The arhythmias stopped. My BP dropped from 190/110 to 140/95 and sometimes it goes down to normal 120/80. I am still taking the medication.

no side effects.

there were a few days which I tried not to take them though (because I thought I was fine), I had chest pains. I asked the cardiologist about it and he told me that the heart is trying to get used to the normal heart rate, so when I don't take pills the heart tries to pump up as it did before I took the pills and
I feel the chest pains (that's why I keep on taking the medication until it cures me completely).

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