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Spastic CP and Positional Vertigo


My name is Sara and I have spastic CP which I was born with. I was diagnosed with positional vertigo when I was 16. I'm 32 now. I just wondered if some of you other members could give me some advice. I am always cold in my feet and legs. The CP affects my motor skills and turns my feet inward as well as gives me trouble with balance, couple that with vertigo and I struggle with balance a lot. I wonder if my CP is the cause of my feet being cold and taking so long to warm up?

Also, I suffer with anxiety attacks, but I don't take anything for them yet. I am wondering if my CP is the cause of my anxiety? I have a bad startle reflex, I am consistantly jumpy.

I also have muscle spasms, but I am sensitive to medications so I wonder if there is anything I can do to help them without taking meds?

Sorry for all the questions. Thanks.

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