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Re: Costocondritis update

Hello There
I havent posted for awhile but thought I would come back and give update.
I am still having the tenderness in the chest ...almost constent some days worse than others..
So far the diagnoses is as follows
ECG - Normal
Heart Ultrasound- Normal no blockages or narrowed vessels all is well
Blood Work (July) All normal
Blood Pressure - Normal
Colesteral - Normal .
Chest X-ray - Normal
Stomach Ultrasound - Normal except small cysts.Begnin
So with all these results we know it is costo which I have had for along time but got diagnosed in my early 20's 20 years latter still suffering from it ...but I have kept started to keep a log and noticed the following if it helps anyone ...

Acts up with Stress
Acts up with underwire bra
Acts up with lifting or stretching to much
Acts up close to menstral cycle (starts about 2 weeks before)
Acts up with cold weather (I try to make sure that I double up on layers)
Acts up with bad posture ..

So ...I am now trying to find ways to fight this because I still get the odd pain that comes and goes in the chest and it still scares me abit...does this happen to anyone else...
I try hot showers or baths , hot water bottles ....aleve or advil ....

But what I really want to know is if anyone gets the same thing the pain out of no where that comes and goes in the chest ...

Anyone ...