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Re: electric/shock sensation while falling asleep?

I was surprised to see how many people have been experiencing the same thing, tho my experience is a little different, I don't really feel it in my chest or stomach like all of you its in my brain, and I see a a very dim flash. My whole body will jolt but i can tell its from my brain like it shorted out, then in a instant my body jerks like a reflex, this may sound "crazy" but I think its paranormal, government agency, or aliens. Because when this happens I never feel alone, and one time I actually felt a hand on my head like someone was sending a signal to my brain, sometimes I know when it happens other times I can't tell it even happened, I probably shouldn't tell you this but why not tell the people that are experiencing the same thing rather then going through it alone, I don't think its harmful necessarily because I always wake back up in the morning and it doesn't scare me its quite interesting if you ask me, I always give a quick look around when I can, always nothing but many times have physic experiences or communication with one time a laugh, that was freaky but it was just like they were ******* with me, like a friend would do. I can see no real pattern and I have never had it happen more then twice in a night, so 25 times is crazy to me. I don't have any proof only gut instinct, so idk if anyone else has anything similar, next time try to tell if it is coming from your brain and jolting your body instead of just in your chest or stomach, or if you do change your diet and eating habits if it changes and be consistent about it so you can rule it out, and if it still happens then who knows. **** now I'm really going to get it