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Re: electric/shock sensation while falling asleep?

Easy with the conspiracy theories there buddy. You are experiencing hypnagogic hallucinations associated sleep paralysis and you might very well have sleep apnea. When you stop breathing in your sleep, your body sends a jolt to wake you up. Sometimes when these arousal's happen in deep sleep, you can wake up in a state of paralysis, since your body automatically goes into paralysis while you sleep so you dont act out your dreams. In other words, you're mind is waking up before your body does. Hallucinations often in sue. This thread is describing sensations during the onset of sleep. Electric surges or jolts that happen over and over. I would recommend getting a sleep study done if you can afford it. For everyone else, look into benzodiazepine use (xanax/klonopin etc.) Withdrawal or tolerance from these drugs can cause these electric jolts! wish you all good health