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Re: post traumatic arthritis ! any treatment options ??

I do not have this problem. A close friend of mine broke several bones in his ankle in 1980. He fell thru a floor on a construction site and landed on the side of his foot.
Paul had several surgeries to repair torn ligaments and had pins put in bones to stabilize fractures. He could not work because of the pain and swelling standing caused.
Finally he had to have several bones, and I do not know which ones, fused. He lost the articulation at the ankle and it changed his "gait" significantly, but, he was able to go back to work and the pain and swelling problems were minimized.
The technology for repair of the foot and ankle has improved since. He has said he would have liked to deal with the problem in another manner but he had to work to provide for his family and that made the choice simple for him.
Before you consider fusions you might want to look into pain management that deals with radio frequency nerve ablation. Paul mentioned it to me once recently and wondered, "if it had been available would it have worked for me?".
Look up PRF for ankle pain. This procedure appears to provide relief for periods up to 2 hears depending on the individual results. However, I can not tell you that this has worked for anyone I know. I do understand your reasoning for not wanting to use pain medications. Been there, done that.
I hope you find the relief you deserve.