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Re: Surgery on 11/30 - Im scared!


I have a big piece of advice for everyone - make sure you DRINK DRINK DRINK that water!!!

I spent the last 2 days back in the hospital...just got home now, went in early Tuesday morning.

I was having such bad bowel issues (ewww) and just was so nauseated that I wasnt drinking or eating. And honestly, my nutrition hasnt been great over the past 4 months of this journey, so I think I went into surgery at a deficit, got some relief from fluids after surgery(I stayed 1 night) felt okay for the first few days home and then began the landslide!!!

They did bloodwork and another ultrasound to make sure there wasnt something hiding, lol, but it was the dehydration and nausea that got me to spend 2 wanted to keep me longer, but really, they were just pumping me full of fluids and asking me how I felt, so I really didnt feel I needed to stay longer!!!! I had to promise to continue to drink, and they asked me to drink a supplement called "Breeze". Its a clear drink, with no lactose. Although the surgeon said I can eat what I want so I learn how my body react, now isnt the time to do that since I've had a tough time - but they recommended lay off lactose for a week or so and do low fat.'s everyone else doing?