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Re: BACK PAINsuggestion

I wish I could be a better help to you. At this point, I wish the doctor can be a better help to you. So, that is the treatment for that diagnoses and you are still in a lot of pain. Does the medicine help at all? If I was you and I wasn't satisfied with the treatment, I would seek a second opinion. If you aren't getting any relief from the medicines, it could be a strong possibility that it is a misdiagnoses. It is very common that patients aren't comfortable with their doctor diagnoses, and seek out a second opinion. Especially after being treated for that diagnoses and things still don't improve. Remember nobody knows your body better than you. In a case like this, where you are not satisfied with these results or the treatment. Only you know if the medications are helping or they aren't. Did you explain to your physician that you are not satisfied with the treatment? If you have and he refuse to look into your concerns, what other choice do you have? Either you are just going to stay like this or get a second opinion. When you say you aren't satisfied with the treatment, do you have any suggestions for the kind of treatment you are wanting the doctors to try or do? do you or have anyone told you about anything specific that you want the doctors to try. Or Have you ever took anything that did help your back. If so, what is it and have you ask the doctor to try that? I will be adding you to my prayer list. keep me posted and let me know what your plans are.
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