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Re: Cervical Spine Disc Problems, reassurance its not in my head needed.

Went for my second opinion appointment today, regarding my neck. And what a difference, the Doctor I saw, was so friendly, and was happy to sit and explain in great detail what was going on with my neck and shoulders, he answered all my questions, and said he was happy for me to go back and be seen by him, anytime.... He has referred me for some proper physio, discussed new painkillers with me, and has given me a chance to consider his suggestions, he is arranging for some use with a tens machine. And has also, looked at my nerve conduction results, and carried out some further tests today, and diagnosed Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, in both hands, so is arranging for me to have some splints to wear at night - this has fully explained, all the pins and needles and dropping things etc, with both hands... I really feel at last, I am being taken seriously, I am aware, that I will probably not be fortunate enough to be totally pain free, but at least am being offered some constructive treatment.
Thank you again, guys for all your past replies, and I wish everyone out there, lots of hugs and best wishes.